LANDR Instant Mastering

Master your songs in minutes!

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Master your songs in minutes!

Refine and polish your stereo mixes quickly with LANDR.

This instant mastering service perfects the sound of your songs, giving them a more professional quality. FAST: LANDR masters your music in minutes giving you a higher-quality sound than your original recording. RISK FREE: Get a FREE preview sample before you buy. Compare the new master with your original. AFFORDABLE: Just £6.99 per track. BRILLIANT: iTunes-quality sound that’s great for radio too.

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Features & Benefits

  • Get instant mastering on your computer screen!
  • Easy drag and drop upload track process.
  • LANDR’s adaptive engine “listens” and reacts to your music.
  • Multi-band compression, EQ and stereo enhancement adapt to your songs.
  • You can compare a sample of the master recording against your original track!
  • Your entire track is digitally enhanced, in minutes, giving it a higher-sounding quality!

Pricing & Rates


Just £6.99 per track

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