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When you’ve recorded a new track and distributed your music through TuneCore, one of the most important things you can do next is get your music in front of potential new fans.

You can promote your music through social media, or by playing gigs. By asking friends, family and fans to share your music through their social media can help you reach even further, but sometimes you want a bit more of a boost to reach entirely new audiences.

To help you get your music heard even more widely, TuneCore has partnered an exciting platform, that exists to help artists get their music heard. Offering a “digital ad platform” for musicians, lets you purchase sponsored streams of your music inside Deezer, the global music streaming service, as well as creating web adverts to engage potential fans with your music as well as driving them to your social media.

So what can do, and how do you get started?

There are three ways that can help you get heard:

  1.     By playing your song to a targeted audience of Deezer users.
  2.     By playing your song to a targeted audience of people listening to the 8tracks Radio service.
  3.     By promoting one of your existing YouTube Videos, SoundCloud tracks or mp3 across various popular music websites and blogs.

Out of these options the one that I think is most interesting is to target your music to users of the streaming service Deezer.

“Deezer has millions of users who could become some of your most loyal fans…”

As one of the biggest streaming services, Deezer has 10 million active users, and offers its service in 182 countries worldwide. These millions of users are a huge opportunity – by hearing your music they could become some of your most loyal fans. By generating more streams of your music inside a service like Deezer, you can drive trending activity, and start to rise up the Deezer charts – meaning you could get even more exposure. As an additional bonus because TuneCore pays you 100% of revenue for your streams from Deezer, you will recoup some of the costs of your campaign from the increase in streaming revenues you get from people hearing your music!

Creating a campaign is very simple and straight forward – you just select the song on Deezer that you want to promote. If you’ve not already released music to Deezer, head to your TuneCore account and release a track making sure you include Deezer in the stores you’re sending to – or add Deezer to one of your existing releases.

“Targeting your music to the right audience is super important…”

Once you’ve selected the song you will be asked how you would like to target your campaign – you can select locations, ages and genders. You then need to add some tags – genre, similar artists and flag whether or not your song has explicit lyrics.

If you’ve already distributed your music through Spotify, you can use the “similar artists” area to target similar artists based on data – but if not, then make sure you put in some well known artists here, so that you’re getting a broad pool of potential listeners. Targeting your music to the right audience is super important – be specific enough to hit the right people, but don’t be too specific – you want to get in front of as many potential fans as possible. If someone doesn’t like your song they can skip it so don’t worry. And if they skip before 30 seconds, you don’t get charged for the sponsored play.

One thing to note before you get started – when you’re creating a Deezer campaign using, you need to have released your music to Deezer in advance; you also need to be approved by to create Deezer campaigns, so make sure that you’ve got everything in place before you create your campaign!

“Once you’ve created a campaign things start to get really interesting…”

Once you’ve created a campaign you get really detailed information about how people are interacting with your music. This is when things start to get really interesting. For example, with Deezer you get information about how many people have added it to their favourites, or to a playlist – but also insight into how many people have skipped the track, and when. Importantly you only get charged when someone listens to your track for more than 30 seconds – so don’t worry if you’re seeing lots of skips under 30 seconds in your analytics, that’s quite normal when people hear something they haven’t heard before – don’t take it personally!

You can see a snapshot of a campaign for TuneCore artist Karmah Cruz’s track “I Ain’t Worried” – this represents two days of  activity and you can see that by spending £40 the campaign drove 2500 sponsored plays – so that’s more than 2500 potential new fans reached. One really interesting thing to note here is the “play sources”. You can see that almost everyone listened to the track on either an iPhone or Android phone. The number of Deezer users using the website is tiny by comparison. This is worth taking note of generally when you are promoting your music on social media (for example when using TuneCore Social Pro) – remember that the vast majority of people streaming your music will be doing so on a mobile device, and ensure that you are messaging appropriately.

“By getting your music in front of a new fan with you may have started a relationship that continues for years…”

Much more interesting is the “engagements” section though – in the image above we can see that there are 152 “engagements” – representing 6% of the people who listened. Let’s dive into bit more detail on that section.

You can see here that 81 people added the song to their “favourites” in Deezer while another 59 added it to one of their playlists – 140 people took an action related to saving the song. Why does that matter? Chances are, if someone has added your track to their favourites, or to a playlist, they are going to listen to that song more than once. It also means that they may be interested enough in you as an artist to search you out on social media – meaning you can engage even further. By getting your music in front of a new fan with you may actually have started a relationship that continues for years.

Some more useful information that gives you is a breakdown of the age and gender of the people who are listening to the track – but also the age and gender of people who engage.

When Karmah’s team created the campaign, they set some broad targeting criteria – you can be as detailed as you like here – the more relevant the data you put in here, the better the audience you will be targeting.

We saw earlier see that the age range selected for the campaign is 12 to 40, and that the locations are UK, USA, France, Ireland, and Canada. For Gender, the campaign targeted both female and male listeners.

So here is where things get interesting: when you look at the age and gender or people who heard the sponsored plays you can see that females aged 18-24 heard the most number. This could be because of the “similar artists” that were used to target the campaign.

Where is gets even more interesting is when you look at engagements:

You can see that engagement from female listeners is way higher than from male listeners – and in particular at the younger end of the audience. All of this information helps artists to understand the people they should be reaching out to with their music.

“Creating our first campaign with took just a few minutes – and already we are seeing some exciting results…”

For £40 (and remember, this is just a snapshot of two days in the campaign) Karmah not only got 2500 plays, but also 152 strong engagements as a result of people hearing and liking her music. She and her team also got some really valuable data about what kind of fan is most likely to engage with her music. All of this for just £0.26 per engagement – and with long term potential for those people who favourited or playlisted the track to listen again and again and again.

Karmah’s manager Jermaine from Public Sector Entertainment said “Karmah already has a really engaged fanbase through SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram – but we know that as her career develops the thing that matters most is getting out in front of new fans who have never heard her music before – has allowed us to do that in a way I have not seen from any other tool. Creating our first campaign with took just a few minutes – and already we’re seeing some exciting results. I will definitely be using with other artists I manage. We made a small spend to test the platform, but I’m already imagining if this campaign keeps running. With a £100 campaign spend, that could be over 6000 streams, and more than 380 engagements… With £200 campaign spend it could hit more than 12000 streams, and possibly as many as 750 engagements – and we will see some of that spend come back directly through streaming revenues. Longer term I’m sure that the value of developing these new fans is sure to pay off.”

How much is a new streaming fan worth to you? More than £0.26? Hard to say for sure, but getting your music in front of passionate new fans is possibly the most important aspect of developing your career as an artist.

Get started with today – look for the link backstage in your TuneCore account and sign up using that link to get some free credit to use in your first campaign.

TuneCore at Focus Wales 2017

TuneCore’s UK Brand Manager Sam Taylor will be at Focus Wales, and is available for one-on-one sessions to run through any queries you have about TuneCore, digital distribution, and our publishing admin service – or any other questions you might have about digital music, including how you get paid for streaming and downloads, how you can get “playlist ready” as well as tips and tricks for promoting your music.

To book a time to speak with Sam simply leave your email address below, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a convenient timeslot.

TuneCore’s Social Media For Musicians Guide [Free Download]

With the recent launch of TuneCore Social Pro – a premium version of our free social media management tool, complete with a mobile app – we think it’s important for independent artists to take an educated approach to how they handle their marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That’s why we’re introducing the totally free TuneCore Social Media For Musicians guide. Designed for artists at any comfort level and experience using social platforms – and packed full of useful content – the Social Media For Musicians guide is a great tool for any artist who is taking their musical journey to the next level.

How can you find your ‘social voice’? In what ways can you be building an audience? When should you post on certain platforms – and for that matter, what kind of stuff should you be posting?

We all know it’s not enough to simply set up profiles, post once or twice a week, and expect those minimal efforts to have a meaningful impact on the way you build your fan base online. But at the same time, artists and musicians were born to do just that – create! It shouldn’t be expected that every creator is a natural self-promoter or marketer, regardless of how experienced with social media one is in their personal life.

In addition to information on building a sufficient social media strategy and utilizing analytics (gasp!), the TuneCore Social Media For Musicians guide also has some incredible video components to it! We interviewed experts in the field of promotion and PR, social data, and even some TuneCore employees who happen to be independent artists themselves to find out what kind of struggles music-makers need to get over when diving into the brave new frontier of social media marketing.

So – looking for tips to master your social media strategy? Look no further! Download the free guide at Amazon here, and enjoy our six-part video series below or on our YouTube channel.

TuneCore Social Pro Has Arrived!

Last October, we announced the exciting launch of TuneCore Social – an all-in-one platform designed especially for artists who want to reign in control of their Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles and have an easier place to plan, schedule, publish and engage with their fan base. The service is free for any and all TuneCore Artist who currently has a release distributed with TuneCore.

Today, we’re thrilled to expand on those efforts and offer TuneCore Social Pro, an upgraded, premium version of TuneCore Social that allows users to schedule an unlimited amount of social posts per month (including media posts), add other artists to their account for social profile management, share social media reports, and access more comprehensive social media analytics, stats and audience insights.

The coolest part? TuneCore Social Pro includes a mobile app!

When an artist signs up for TuneCore Social Pro, they’ll be able to post or schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check their TuneCore balance and trend reports – all from their mobile devices!

For $7.99/month (or a discounted annual fee of $85.99), TuneCore Artists can sign up for TuneCore Social Pro, download the app on their Android or iOS devices, and get a huge jump on managing their social media strategy.

TuneCore Social Pro is an all-in-one platform designed exclusively for TuneCore Artists who want to reign in control of their Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Mixcloud profiles and have an easier place to plan, schedule, publish and engage with their fan base – not to mention have a high level view of important analytics that can impact decision making.

Offering a premium version of TuneCore Social is just another way we’re looking to make the lives and careers of independent artists easier. We know how important getting the word out about your music is and we’re always here to help by providing valuable tips and advice for doing so – now we’re giving you the social media management tools to take it one step further.

Liverpool Sound City

By Sam Taylor
May sees the start of the music festival and conference season for the UK – and TuneCore will be at a number of events throughout the month, including Liverpool Sound City.

Now in its tenth year, Liverpool Sound City’s award-winning festival brings together well known acts and emerging talent for four days over May 25th to May 28th. With previous years line-up featuring break-through performances from Catfish & The Bottlemen, Bastille and Royal Blood this year features acts from TuneCore artist Violet Contours, and TuneCore alumni The Hunna, Fickle Friends, Cabbage and others.

A core part of Liverpool Sound City is Sound City+, Liverpool Sound City’s new music conference, which presents great opportunities to learn more about the music business, learn from experts, and get one-on-one advice from industry professionals.

TuneCore will be in attendance – our UK Brand Manager Sam Taylor will be taking one on one meetings to give advice about digital distribution, release strategy, promotion and playlisting, as well as speaking about how artists can embrace technology to connect with fans.

We’ll also be out and about at the various networking events, parties and gigs across the four days, so please stop by the conference sessions to say hello, or book in for a one-on-one session with Sam using the form below.

The Sound City+ conference takes place at Camp & Furnace, in the heart of the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s creative hub. 67 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BY

If you’ve not already got your ticket for Liverpool Sound City you can access discounted prices through TuneCore.

A Conference + Festival pass is just £99.75 + booking fee

Click here to book.

A Conference only ticket is just £38 + booking fee

Click here to book.

Unfortunately this event is only for Sound City+ and ticket holders – but TuneCore will also be out and about across the UK at various events in April, May and June – check for more details.

TuneCore Presents Blueprint

TuneCore is coming to a town near you!

At TuneCore we know that one of the biggest challenges as an independent musician is to know where to turn for advice at different stages of your career – and often it seems like there’s no one place that you can go to find out all the ins and outs of the music business.

Over the next couple of months TuneCore will be going out on the road visiting key cities around the UK to try and help address this. We’ll be holding an event in each city where you have an opportunity to come down and meet TuneCore face to face, as well as meeting other like minded musicians, and learning from some great speakers we have got lined up.

At each event we will be covering the basics of effectively distributing and promoting your music, as well as hearing from representatives from the Musicians’ Union as well as PRS, PPL and the MMF.

Here are the details of our first 2 events – just click on the link to go to the Eventbrite ticket page where you can book your free ticket:

Speakers for Blueprint in Birmingham include:
Chris Cooke, CMU:DIY
Stuart Belsham, PRS for Music
Lyle Bignon, Music PR & Artist Manager
Sam Taylor, TuneCore
Speakers for Blueprint in Nottingham include:
Chris Cooke, CMU:DIY
Stuart Belsham, PRS for Music
Ben Benson, Musicians’ Union
Dom Gourlay, Drowned in Sound
Sam Taylor, TuneCore


Other dates including London and Nottingham to be announced soon so be sure to check back in a week or two!

We will also be at Sound City+ the conference strand of Liverpool Sound City, where you can book a one-on-one session with our UK Brand Manager to discuss recording and releasing music, promotional strategies and lots more.

To find out more about Liverpool Sound City please visit