Guaranteed Streams With Feature.FM

  • gets you guaranteed Sponsored Streams* on popular services like Deezer and 8tracks
  • Target new listeners based on their music preferences
  • Get a new audience to stream, favorite, and playlist your songs
  • TuneCore artists receive a $10 discount
Get Streaming

Get Your Music Streaming, Guaranteed

Get Your Music Streaming, Guaranteed

Boost Streams
Designate your budget and make your song a sponsored track that gets streamed* to new listeners that like your style of music.

Get Added to Playlists
Your target audience will interact with your sponsored tracks just like any other song - including adding it to playlists, favoriting it, and more.

Reach More Fans
Get heard by new fans where they're are already looking for music like yours.

More Tools for Promoting Your Music

Smart Links

Get a shareable, trackable link that automatically opens your song on whichever service your fans are using to listen to their music.

Targeted Advertising

Promote your songs directly to fans of your genre of music.

Industry-Leading Analytics

Gain insight into how fans interact with your music throughout your entire release cycle.

Placement on Top Music Websites

Have your music added to articles on popular music sites. Fans can stream your music directly from embedded YouTube or SoundCloud players while they read.

*Sponsored streams are considered advertising and do not generate royalties.
Streams generated through the non-interactive, radio-style portion of Deezer are reported via SoundExchange and not directly through TuneCore.