TuneCore Launches “Best Of Europe” Playlist

October 4, 2021

London, 04.10.2021 – The world’s leading DIY digital distributor TuneCore has announced that it is launching a new collaborative playlist. Called “Best Of Europe,” and streaming on Spotify, Each month, TuneCore will build a playlist highlighting hip-hop and R&B music streams from France, Italy, Germany, Benelux and the UK into one collection. The playlist will feature local TuneCore and Believe artists, and will highlight one artist per month, who will provide listeners with a closer look into their musical influences.

German rapper and singer Aisha Vibes, who leads the inaugural playlist, commented, “I think it’s essential to make an Independent European playlist. In the past, we were mostly all oriented towards the Yanks. But now there’s so much cool music coming out of Europe and I think it’s really cool to lump them all together. And if they’re all independent artists who are all fighting for themselves, then even more so!”

Said Faryal Khan-Thompson, Vice President, International, TuneCore, “TuneCore’s goal with this playlist is to unite and network the various hip-hop scenes from major European countries. By connecting artists via this playlist, we are able to support an exchange of support and appreciation for local talent and foster community across national borders.

Many playlists are regionally limited, which of course brings advantages. However, the “Best Of Europe” Playlist is TuneCore’s answer to many requests from European artists who want more exchange with artists from other countries. Be it for new features, a better network for international touring or the attempt to expand the local community to other countries. The playlist should be the first step to support independent artists.

Commented Liz Agyeman, Social Media Manager – Europe, “Together with Believe, TuneCore is dedicated to providing independent artists with the best possible support on all levels and at all stages of their careers. The “Best of Europe” playlist is a unique way to connect Europe’s indie hip hop and R&B artists and fans, giving them a unique way to discover talent in neighboring countries.”

Check out “Best of Europe” on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70POhxsebpgDkkmICxPBRG?si=45365e8f3d7147fe