“Fundamental Frequencies” – What They Have to Do With Recording a Great Track

When choosing instruments and how you’ll play them, keep in mind their “fundamental frequencies” — the frequencies they most often emit.

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When to Reach Out for Help in Your Music Career

Subscribing to a DIY ethos doesn’t mean ignoring all opportunities to reach out for help! Patrick McGuire breaks down the times in your music career when it makes sense to connect with others for support.

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The Most Important Piece of Equipment in Your Home Studio?

[Editors Note: This article was written by Dom Morley, a 20-year industry veteran and owner of The Mix Consultancy. Dom is a Grammy Award-winning engineer and producer, and has worked with artists like Sting and Adele, as well as producers such as Tony Visconti and Mark Ronson.]   If I were to ask you “What […]

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10 Ways to Make Vocals Sound Modern & Professional

[Editors Note: This is a guest blog written by Rob Mayzes, producer, mix engineer and founder of Home Studio Center, a site dedicated to providing valuable tips around recording from home studios.]   In most genres, the vocals are the most important part of the mix. Especially in modern pop styles, there are a number of techniques that […]

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