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Want to get your music streaming on TIDAL alongside exclusive releases from some of the world's top artists? TuneCore makes it easy to sell your music online so you can start getting playlisted.

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How To Get Your Music to Tidal

Follow these 3 steps to get your music online and start earning money from your music. 


Upload Your Songs to TuneCore

Upload your next single, EP, or album to TuneCore, select the stores where you want it to be available, and you're done. 


TuneCore Gets Your Music Live

Once you distribute, we'll send your music to every store you selected. Your music will be made live faster than any other service - the sooner you're live in stores, the sooner you can start getting playlisted on TIDAL and Spotify.


You Get Paid 100%

You earn money any time your songs are streamed on TIDAL, and every penny of those earnings gets put into your TuneCore account. We'll never keep a percentage of your sales.

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How to Get Paid from TIDAL

How to Get Paid from TIDAL

Keep all of the money you earn from streams TIDAL.

Esteemed for their lossless streaming quality and exclusive catalogue, TIDAL is one of the most popular streaming services available online. Get your music streaming on TIDAL and open yourself up to new discovery opportunities and a chance to connect with new listeners. 

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Why TuneCore

Worldwide Distribution
Keep 100% of Your Sales
Detailed Sales Reporting
Extensive Artist Services

For over a decade, TuneCore has been committed to making it easier for independent artists to take their careers into their own hands. We've leveled the playing field so you can sell your music, even if you're not signed to a label. Take your career to a new level and keep all of your rights and sales. 

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TuneCore distributes to over 100 digital music services around the world, such as:

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