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If you want to get your music on TikTok, one of the most downloaded apps in the world, TuneCore makes it easy. We’ll upload your songs on TikTok and other digital music stores and streaming platforms.

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TuneCore Doesn't Stop at TikTok

TuneCore can post your music to 150+ online music stores and streaming services across the world, including:

How long does it take to get your music on TikTok?

We care about making sure that when you release music, your songs get out to your fan base as quickly as possible. After you upload your music, it will take us about one day to approve it. Then you can expect to hear your songs on TikTok after about five business days.

Can anyone upload music to TikTok?

Worried that you might not qualify to publish your music through TuneCore? Don’t fret. Anyone can distribute their music through TuneCore. so long as you follow our Style Guide on release information and have your songs in the preferred format.

Where are you reaching when you put your music on TikTok?

TikTok is available to music fans in over 60 countries and territories. When you put your music on TikTok, you're greatly expanding your reach and potential to be discovered across the world.

How often does TikTok pay out?

Though TuneCore gets you paid as soon as possible, we still have to wait for TikTok. Typically, there is a two-month delay on streaming services and online stores earnings. So, if you upload your music on TikTok in January, you’ll see your first payments in March.

What’s the catch?

There is none. TuneCore has turned a once-complicated process into a simple, friendly service.  We have led the industry in creating an easy way for anyone to upload their music around the world. And don’t forget, we won’t take a penny of the money you earn.