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      • Keep 100% of your music sales revenue
      • Keep 100% of your rights
      • Sell your music worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play…150+ digital store partners
      • Daily sales trend reports with iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music data
      • Monthly music sales reports
      • Custom cover art, if needed

      • £55.99

        Pay a low one-time fee and register unlimited songs at no extra cost.

      • Collect composition royalties worldwide
      • TV and film sync licensing
      • YouTube composition royalties
      • Get quarterly statements
      • Get royalties PROs do not get
      • Keep 90% of royalties we collect**
      • Keep 100% copyright ownership

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* Send your album of 2 or more songs or your single of 1 song only to all stores. Send your ringtone (5-30 sec. long) to iTunes only.
** You keep 80% if our Creative Team secures any license for you (Sync, Film, TV, etc.).

Artist Services

  • Collect Your YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

    This service finds, collects, and sends you revenue your sound recordings generate on YouTube, both from other people’s videos and videos on your own channel. Just choose tracks you want to collect money on and set your channel preferences. There is a low, one-time setup fee of £7.99 for all your current andfuture sound recordings. You keep 80% of collected revenue!

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  • Promaster Instant Mastering

    Make your next release sound professional and polished with Promaster Instant Mastering. Pay per release, or get unlimited instant mastering, all for an affordable rate without sacrificing quality.


    $9.95 (USD)

    per track

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  • TuneCore Fan Reviews

    Powered by SoundOut

    New! Get reviews and ratings from real music fans, plus insight and analytics on your track to help you improve your music and advance your career.



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  • Radio Airplay

    Get guaranteed internet radio airplay to millions of listeners who like your style of music.

    Special Offer: Get a free account + 100 free spins for a limited time.



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  • Custom Engineering

    Improve the quality of your recordings with AfterMaster Audio Labs.




    per song

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  • Bandzoogle

    Build a website, online store, and mailing list in minutes.

    Exclusive Offer: Get a 30-day Free Trial PLUS 15% off any first year Bandzoogle subscription.

    Get free trial +



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  • Vinyl & CD Replication

    Whatever your needs for physical music production may be, Confliktarts can help you create custom, professional-quality CDs and Vinyl.

    Pricing varies

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  • Merch

    Create custom merch, including stickers, posters, t-shirts, & more.

    Pricing varies

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  • TuneCore Social Pro

    A Better Way To Promote Your Music On Social Media. Post and schedule unlimited updates to social media. View comprehensive social analytics to better connect with fans. Download the TuneCore Social Pro app to post and review your social analytics and balance history on the go.

    $7.99/month or


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  • Feature.fm

    Get guaranteed plays on Deezer and other websites. Get started with £10 credit for your first Feature.fm campaign.



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