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TuneCore has made it easy to get your music out to the world - follow these steps to send your music to stores without compromising your rights or sales.


You Upload Your Songs

After creating a TuneCore account, you upload your music and artwork, enter your release details, select your stores, and that's it. You can choose from over one hundred and fifty digital music stores around the world. 


We Send Your Music to Stores

TuneCore sends your single, album, or EP to every major store and streaming service worldwide. Get your music online faster than any other distribution service - the sooner your music is available in stores, the sooner you can start getting playlisted and streamed.


You Get Paid

You earn money any time someone streams your music on Spotify, or downloads your songs on iTunes. And TuneCore puts 100% of that money directly into your TuneCore account; we never take a commission.

The Distribution Process

No matter where you are in the world, or what step you’re at in your career, TuneCore can help you sell your music online in stores like iTunes and Spotify.

Just create an account, upload your files, select your stores, and that’s it. We’ll send your music to all of the stores you selected and collect the money owed to you from downloads and streams. No commission and you keep 100% of the rights to your music.

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Our Stores

TuneCore is partnered with 150+ online stores and streaming services across the world. Sell your music on all of the most popular stores, including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, TikTok, and Amazon Music.

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"You can make millions upon millions of dollars on TuneCore and not have to break anyone off. Stop lettin this whole “there’s no money in music for the artist narrative” keep circulating."

Russ, TuneCore Artist since 2012

"We have long championed the spirit of releasing our records independently through TuneCore and to great effect. By taking control of our own destiny we have built a super loyal fanbase, enabling us to tour internationally and enjoy direct revenue streams from our recordings since 2009‎. The support of TuneCore's amazing distribution network means that we can truly compete with any label out there and if we can do it, so can you!"

The Boxer Rebellion, TuneCore artist since 2009

"We've always handled everything we do independently since starting with zero listeners, right up to the thousands that we have now. TuneCore has been unrivalled in the value they have offered to us, allowing us to keep 100% of what we earn from our music and stay in control."

Ravenface, TuneCore artist since 2017


Worldwide Distribution

TuneCore gets your music on over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Your fans will be able to listen to your music, wherever in the world they may be.

Keep 100% of Your Sales

TuneCore artists always collect 100% of their download and streaming revenue.

Tons of Different Stores

We can send your music to upwards of 150 different online digital stores and streaming services. There are no barriers to who can discover your music.

Artist Services

From vinyl pressing to social media support, we offer a wide range of services to help you before and after you distribute.

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