Sell Your Music on KKBOX

TuneCore is a major distribution partner with KKBOX, the largest provider of digital music subscription services in Asia. The relationship gives TuneCore Artists a unique opportunity to reach KKBOX’s 200 million subscribers, a number that is expected to grow as the service expands.

Sell Your Music on KKBOX

Top 5 Things to Know About KKBOX


Where does KKBOX distribute my music?

KKBOX distributes your music to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.


How does KKBOX sell my music?

KKBOX sells your music via streams and tethered downloads. Permanent downloads are only available in Taiwan.


How much will KKBOX charge for my music?

KKBOX charges their users a monthly subscription fee. You will be paid a portion of this subscription revenue depending on your percentage of the total number of streams on KKBOX.


How much money will I make from KKBOX?

When a subscriber streams your music, you get paid a proportionate share of KKBOX’s subscription revenue per month calculated on terms set out in TuneCore’s agreement with the store. Payments will fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of subscription revenue generated and how often your music was streamed.


How long does it take for my music to go live on KKBOX?

Most releases take 48-72 hours to go live.

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Sell Your Music on KKBOX