Sell Your Music on YouTube Art Tracks

TuneCore has partnered with YouTube Art Tracks to help you get your music in front of over one billion people. You can now earn money on YouTube every time your music is streamed. As the #1 place for music discovery, YouTube is an essential promotional platform for musicians.

Here’s how it works: Songs that TuneCore distributes to YouTube Art Tracks will be made available on YouTube as Art Tracks. Art Tracks are YouTube videos of your music paired with your cover art. These videos can be easily found, streamed, and shared with your fans on the YouTube platform and via the YouTube Art Tracks beta app. Turn your YouTube channel into your store front by curating your official music videos, fan-created videos, and Art Tracks.

Sell Your Music on YouTube Art Tracks
Sell Your Music on YouTube Art Tracks

Top Six Things to Know About YouTube Art Tracks


Where does YouTube Art Tracks distribute my music?

YouTube Art Tracks distributes your music in the United States only.


How does YouTube Art Tracks sell my music?

YouTube Art Tracks sells your music via the creation of Art Tracks. Art Tracks are available to both free and premium users on YouTube. You’ll get paid a percentage of either the advertising revenue or the paid subscription service revenue when someone streams your Art Tracks.


How much will it cost a customer to listen to music via YouTube Art Tracks?

YouTube offers a subscription service for mobile users for $9.99 (USD) per month ($7.99 discounted rate during the beta). Learn more about YouTube Art Tracks subscriptions.


How much money will I make from YouTube Art Tracks sales?

When a subscriber streams your music, you get paid a proportionate share of the YouTube Art Tracks subscription and advertising revenue per month calculated on terms set out in TuneCore’s agreement with YouTube. Payments will fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of subscription revenue generated and how often your music was streamed.


How long does it take for my music to go live on YouTube Art Tracks?

Most releases will be live on YouTube Art Tracks in 2-5 business days.


What if I already have music videos on YouTube?

Even if you have your music videos already on YouTube, adding YouTube Art Tracks gives you broader distribution and access to an additional income stream.

Check out our YouTube Art Tracks help section for more information on selling music through YouTube Art Tracks.
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Sell Your Music On YouTube Art Tracks