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Thinking about selling your music on iTunes and Apple Music? We make it simple to start selling your music on every major digital music store you can think of, including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon and more, all without taking a percentage of your earnings.

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How To Put Your Music on iTunes

We've made it easier than ever before to get your music out to stores and streaming services like iTunes and Apple Music. Follow these three easy steps to get your music playing around the world. 


You Upload Your Music

Upload your release information, cover art, and audio files within minutes. On top of iTunes and Apple Music, you can select over 150 other store partners available worldwide. You can also choose to add an optional pre-order to your release for iTunes and Google Play.


We Send Your Music to Stores

TuneCore sends your single, album, or EP to every store you selected faster than any other distribution service. The faster your music is available online, the sooner you can start getting your music streamed and playlisted. 


You Get Paid

Every time someone streams your music on Apple Music; every time your songs are downloaded from iTunes - you get paid 100%, directly into your TuneCore account. We never take a cut of the earnings you make from downloads and streams. 

Keep 100% of Your Sales
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How to Earn Money from iTunes

How to Earn Money from iTunes

Keep 100% of the sales revenue owed to you from iTunes and Apple Music.

With 241 million+ active users, iTunes is one of the leading digital music stores worldwide. Making your music available on iTunes and Apple Music makes it easy for new and existing fans to find and listen to your music. And when Apple pays you for your download and streaming revenue, 100% of those earnings go directly into your TuneCore account.

Stay in control of your music career - get on iTunes and Apple Music without giving up a penny of the money you earn.

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Apple Music has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services in the world, boasting an average monthly subscriber count of 20 million. Make sure your catalogue is available wherever your fans are listening, and make your music available to getting playlisted or discovered on Apple Music.

Apple Music Connect

Apple Music Connect gives you full control of your Apple Music profile, as well as the ability to connect with fans by sharing exclusive audio, photos, and video. And because we're not a label, you’ll have full control of your artist page with Apple Music Connect.

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Why TuneCore

Worldwide Distribution
Keep 100% of Your Revenue
Daily Reporting
Additional Artist Services

For over 12 years, TuneCore has been working to revolutionise the music industry in favor of independent artists and labels around the world. We're dedicated to providing you the distribution, services, and data you need to grow your career without giving up any of your rights and sales. Don’t have a label? No problem. Take charge of your career with TuneCore.

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Other Stores

TuneCore distributes to over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide, including: